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June 14, 2024
Galaxy Galaxy M22 Samsung

How To Hide Photos On Galaxy M22

  • March 10, 2023
  • 2 min read

Are you looking for ways to hide photos on your Samsung Galaxy M22? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be discussing the different methods you can use to easily hide photos on your Galaxy M22. We’ll cover how to hide photos using the native Gallery app, as well as how to hide photos using third-party apps. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each approach, so you can make an informed decision about which method is best for you. So, if you’re ready to learn how to keep your photos private, let’s get started.

How To Hide Photos On Galaxy M22

1. Open the Gallery app.
2. Select the photos you want to hide.
3. Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
4. Select Move to Secure Folder.
5. Enter your Secure Folder PIN or Pattern.
6. Select Move Here.
7. The selected photos will now be hidden in the Secure Folder.

In conclusion, hiding photos on your Samsung Galaxy M22 is a great way to keep your personal photos and videos safe and secure. By using the Private Mode feature, you can easily hide photos and videos from prying eyes. Additionally, by using a third-party app like KeepSafe, you can further protect your photos and videos with a PIN or password. With these simple steps, you can ensure that your photos and videos are secure and easily accessible when you need them.

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